Pondering replacement of an historic door?

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replacement historic door

As a professional craftsman, I understand the sentimental value of historic doors. They add character and evoke nostalgia. However, over time, even sturdy doors wear out and need replacement. In this blog post, I’ll explain why replacing a worn-out historic door is necessary and how it can enhance your home’s character.

While it may seem sacrilegious, replacing a worn-out historic door is vital to preserve your home’s character. Worn-out doors not only look unsightly but also compromise security. Repair costs can be exorbitant, making replica replacement a better option. Replica doors match the original design and can incorporate modern security features without losing historic charm.

Replacing a historic door with a replica actually enhances your home’s character. Customized to your specifications, replicas use more durable materials, ensuring longevity. They become centerpieces, increasing your home’s value. Modern door construction withstands nature’s ravages and human neglect better.

Surprisingly, replacing a historic door offers an opportunity to make a bold statement. While replicas match the original, you can add a personal touch. Choose a color or style that complements your home’s architecture, creating a unique entrance that stands out.

Remember, replacing a historic door is necessary to preserve your home. Replica doors match the original’s design and material, enhancing your home’s character and increasing its value. Don’t hesitate to replace your worn-out historic door with a replica that becomes a statement piece.

To experience craftsmanship, authenticity, and durability that transform your home, reach out to us for assistance with your historic doors and exquisite millwork.



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